My grandmother passed away at sunrise on Sunday, February 14th. It was the first sunny morning in her town after many, many days of cold, wintry weather.

Everyone noticed how bright and colorful and warm the sky looked. Of all that she taught us – so much that it would take volumes of books to tell – we think that wonderful sunrise was her last teaching to us. No matter how bad things seem to be, there is always light that will shine into our lives if we decide to let it.

We’re finishing up our multi-day, mad scramble to get out the door to go up tomorrow for the funeral. This has been very hard for me to talk about these past three days. I’ll write more after we get home, but for now, this is part of what I wrote for her obituary. I took my own advice and wrote a series of six-word stories about her.

I want to thank everyone for your support, thoughts, and prayers over the past several weeks. It’s meant a lot to us, more than you can know.

Six-Word Mamaw Stories

Superheroes wear aprons, get hair fixed.
Stood straight, head high, facing forward.
Uphill, both ways, overcame every hurdle.
Didn’t dare tell her she couldn’t.
Cleaned her gutters, because she could.
Brightened every day with infectious laughter.
Nobody went hungry at her table.
Soup beans, cornbread, fried potatoes – home.
Plates always full, glass never empty.
Always constant, our family’s true compass.
With every breath – grace, dignity, strength.
Watched over us, and always will.
Best in us comes from her.

Nothing is more important than family.
Love everyone and everything God made.
You can’t love someone too much.
Make your home everyone’s safe place.
Provide more than what people need.
Leave porch light and coffee on.
Hot biscuits and gravy cure anything.
Enjoy life; go back for seconds.
When times get rough, tell jokes.
Be a survivor through every challenge.

Your legacy lives on in us.
We remember everything good; we remember.
Rest now, surrounded by our love.
You are forever in our hearts.


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    To all of you who’ve shared your words of encouragement and kindness to us both here in the comments and by e-mail, we are so thankful to you and for you and all your support of us over the past few weeks. We’ve needed every bit of it. You all mean a lot to us. Whether it’s in day-to-day parenting, times of grief, or in whatever challenges life presents us, we find hope and strength from being in a community of people like you.

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