My Post-Election Message to Autism Parents

For our readers in the U.S., here’s the deal.

Either your candidate won, or your candidate lost. Either you are overjoyed in your celebration of victory or you are depressed in defeat, or you’re just tired of it all and you’re relieved it’s over.

This election has driven everyone absolutely crazy. Profane amounts of money have been spent to win votes and the power that comes with getting more of them than anyone else. Elections turn people against each other. In the end, it’s debatable what ‘winning’ actually means.

No matter who we voted for, we are still autism parents. We have a ton of work to do to help prepare the world for our children and to help them grow into all the wonders they are destined for.

So, take a day, and do whatever you feel like you need to do. Celebrate or sulk, drink in sweet victory or cringe at the bitter taste of defeat, cheer or curse, whatever it is you feel is necessary. Get it out of your system.

Then, get ready and move on.

We have an enormous task ahead of us regardless of who won or lost. Refocus on what we must do next for our children. Remember we must do this together, united in support of the one treasure that is most important – our children.

No one is coming to do this for us. It’s up to us. Let’s get going.

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