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[Another event so good it requires two posts!]

So this morning, the J-man and I are hanging out downstairs, when he goes into the other room, and brings me a set of flashcards, still in the box. Yes, we have many sets of flashcards! On the front of the box was a representation of one of the cards – it had the word WHITE on it, and a picture of a white horse (yeah, I thought they could have come up with something better too).

J-man shows the box to me, then says, “whhhhhiii.”
Me: um, what?
J-man: “whhhhiii”

Me: thinking – did he just read that word?

I get out the actual flashcards, and they are pretty cool – the word on one side, and the picture on the other. I hold up the RED card.
J-man: “eerrrrr”
Me: that’s right! Red!
I hold up the BLUE card.
J-man: “mmmmmbbbbb” (which is as close to the B sound as he can get)
Me: that’s right! Blue!
I hold up the YELLOW card.
J-man: “yyeeehhh”
Me: that’s right! Yellow!
I hold up the GREEN card.
J-man: “gggeeee”
Me: that’s right! Green!

I pick up the little man, run him upstairs, and wake Tim with the news that his son can well and truly read.

He also knows brown, purple, and pink. I listened to him sound out “so” – sssss ooooo. He can read so many words, and we didn’t know!

My kid is brilliant!

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